Friday, May 06, 2005

I have a purpose for this blog, ya know.

It isn't just because I wanted to reserve the name "Naked Voodoo Chicken Dance" for a blog -- though it is a cool name for a blog.

Okay, it was to reserve the name "Naked Voodoo Chicken Dance" for a blog.... but I have this germ of an idea... things I'd like to do on a blog that don't really fit on The Chron. My funny stuff. Maybe not so funny stuff.... Maybe just weird and obtuse and perverse.

Not that obtuseness and perversity don't have their place. Well, I guess they do now, because I've created this blog.

So, welcome home, Obtuseness and Perversity. This is your blog. Sit down. Put your feet up. Make yourself at home.

This may not work out as I intended, but the voices in the printer said I should do it. We never argue with them. They are bossy and mean.



  1. Thanks for your comment about being a SAHM. I'm feeling better after getting it off of my chest and getting positive feedback from others who have done it.

    Glad I have a new blog pal. Would you mind if I add you to my links on my site?

  2. Well, okay then! I guess I'll play along, even though I don't have rhythm.

  3. Finally. A home for ME!! They've been trying to put me in a home for years. I just didn't like the name of the place. Shady Acres..screw that. Forward all of my mail from here on out to:
    Rhonda c/o
    Obtuseness and Perversity
    Naked Voodoo Chicken Ranch

  4. Does one need to prequalify first?