Friday, March 31, 2006

A New Baby At Our House, Soon.

The newest member in our family made the "front pages" today...of A Twist of Kate, that is.... Freya, our soon-to-be-adopted kitten is pictured with her sibling, Domino, in Kate's Photo Friday post.

She's four weeks old (the kitten, that is... not Kate... Kate is way older than four weeks. Kate is all grown up). Isn't she cute? (the kitten, I mean... though Kate is cute, too, granted. But she lacks the fuzzy adorableness and the tail of the kitten, and so the judges have marked her down for that. Unfair, maybe, but there you are). Here's another picture Kate took of her, at left.

Anyway.... another five weeks or so, and she's coming home with us.



  1. Aw, I'm in love!!!!!!! (Don't rat me out to Mango and Xena.)

    Just let me know if you want me to send over a trick hoop, I think I can find a tiny little one that would be just perfect. ;-)

  2. Wait a second. I'm confused. In five weeks or so the kitten will be coming home with you? Or Kate (the cute cat on a hot tin roof)?

  3. Oh, Droog, try and keep up, dearie... the Kitten lives with Kate, and will be coming to live with me when she's all done baking!


  4. I had baked cat once at a Thai restaurant. Bon apetit, Catharine!

  5. The kitty is looking less and less larval, you're right! I think this little poppet will be just what the doctor ordered for Gerry, the starving curmudgeon.

  6. You forgot the rest of the description... "starving curmudgeon with the big, fat belly."

    I think she'll soften Jerry's edges. Just not being alone will be good for him. He can teach her how to be a cat, and she can teach him how not to walk with a great, big cat stick up his butt.

    Fair trade....


  7. more like...


    The "O" hasn't quite grown in at this age. If there's any Siamese in them (which, judging from Midnite's presence, there must be -- black cats are indicate Siamese genes), then it might come out missing not only the "o" but the "m" as well.

    So the meow starts out silent and ends with "ew".

    They're so precious at this age...

    I can't wait to meet her little self.