Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Things That One Forgets About Being a Kitten Mommy

Well, after five days now, Mizz Thang is fully ensconced. Big Cat still hates her guts, but while she runs around the entire house, playing with mylar crunchie balls and plastic milk jug rings, he cowers on a chair and wishes we'd call the exterminator. They were actually nose-to-nose this morning, though he growled and hissed his way through the entire encounter. He did bat at her once, claws in, when she got a little too close to his chair -- the world being her oyster and all....

They'll get over it. I hope.

He'd better get over it, because I'm head over heels in love and she's not going anywhere. It's been about twenty years since I had a kitten in my house and there are things you forget when you bring them home, half-baked.

Here are some of the things that I've re-learned in the five days since becoming a new Kitten Mommy:

  1. Morning mylar crunchy ball soccer on the kitchen linoleum (both kitten and ball slide so effortlessly).
  2. Learning how to master retractable claws (they go out so much easier than they go in)
  3. Sideways crab walking (apparently, an effective defense against predators -- who knew?)
  4. Sudden, uncontrollable desire to sleep in odd positions (the kitten, not me... although....)
  5. Kitten Axiom No. 27: "The exact spot on which Kitten Mommy walks must be the very best spot or she wouldn't walk there. I will put myself right where she walks, when she walks, then I will be in the best spot, too." (Oddly, all danger aside, I find it difficult to fault this logic since it seems purely subjective.)
  6. Cuddle time... very important... sacred, in fact. (We've played. We've eaten. We're not quite sleepy yet. Must cuddle. Now. I said, NOW!)
  7. Kitten Axiom No. 13: "Kitten Mommy makes very funny noises when we climb her jeans leg, claws out (see No. 2)."

These are the things that come to mind right off the bat. I'm hoping Big Cat comes round. He's such a bitter, bitter pill. I don't care if he is never friends with her. I don't care if he ignores her (though she may have some very serious opinions on that point). He just can't be mean to her. That's all I ask. So far, I've just sort of stood back and let them work it out, ready to jump in should he lose his kitty mind. I think that's the best tack to take -- let them work it out, with supervision, keeping them separate otherwise.

It's only been five days, after all.



  1. Oh look at those tiny precious ears!!! I'm in love. Oh man, it's a good thing you don't live closer or I'd cuddle all over that little ball of cute and then I'd come home and Mango and Xena would smell it and rip me to shreds.

  2. I know (jumping up and down, clapping idiotically)! Aren't her ears adorable? When she's in a cuddle-mood, she lets me kiss and kiss them.

    Okay, now its just getting weird...


  3. Aw...I'll have to direct Kaileigh here so she may see her beloved "Midnite." Glad to see you are learning new things. These things I already know since I have her 4 brothers STILL in my bathroom. Mama is fixed now after yesterday so no more spawn will be spawned. Glad you are having fun with her. Looking forward to more updates and pictures. *Smooches*

  4. Tell Kai that her beloved "Midnite/Freya" eats like a little piggie and is growing and growing. I noticed that this morning. I looked at her playing and realize she can almost reach the second knot on the stringy thingie I tied to the hall doorknob. She couldn't come close when I brought her home last week.

    She also attacked Big Cat's tail yesterday and it was hilarious. I couldn't stop her, and she leapt and landed on it, causing Big Cat to leap and meow and run away.

    Have to give her props. This is how I know they're going to be okay eventually. She's totally not afraid of him. She's cautious. But no matter how often he hisses at her, she keeps moving to befriend him. She's got him playing now, too. He was playing mylar crunchie ball soccer this morning, while she was in the bathroom eating her breakfast.

    I knew she'd have a positive effect on him.