Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tradition? You betcha.

My former musical theatre director's husband sent me this today... (thanks, Matt).

Never let it be said that the Japanese can't dance a mean Horah.

(For the record, I think they're actually quite good, especially since it appears that this is only a rehearsal.)

And... by the way.... What DON'T we love about, I ask you?



  1. YouTube canNOT be beat. Have you "surfed" around on that site lately? It sucks you in. Seriously, one little click and you're glued to the computer for hours. I'm addicted (yeah yeah just add it to the ever-growing list of my addictions...)

  2. Very funny. Amazing. However, with Mary-mia's little warning, above... I will now vow never to go to the site (okay - never say NEVER).

    Thanks for the Japanese Tevye. Wow.

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