Monday, November 27, 2006

Christopher S. Lister, Where Are You?

Listen, bucko. I've got three words for you.... CHANGE OF ADDRESS!!! Okay? Got it? I realize that being a lousy letter-writer comes with the mitochondrial DNA, but enough is enough, kiddo. We may not have been raised together, but I'm still your big sister, and I can kick your ass! (And I believe that there's a section in the Bill of Rights that gives me express permission to just that. I'll have to look it up.) Now, in my profile at the right, there's an e-mail address. I've checked. It's good.

Now, write me. Or I swear to God, I'll hunt you down and give you an Indian burn like you won't believe!!!!




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  2. does this make him my 1/2 brother too?? or is it on your moms side? cuz if he is related to me-- ill need 36 years worthof gifts-- THANKS CHRIS
    in the other one i spelled a word wrong-- bad bad!!

  3. My mom's side. But since he hasn't answered, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on those Christmas gifts.



  4. Hey, Christopher... I have to second Catharine's cry! You used to stop by my blog, too... and you seem to have dropped off the earth!! My advice to you is to answer your big sister... not just because she's my best friend... but for your own sake, too!!