Monday, May 21, 2007

Here's Something You Never Want to Hear Your Child Say To You Over the Phone.

"Okay, Mom... We went fishing today and... and... long story short... we now have... a goose."

First off, what d'ya mean "we," white man? Second... oh, hell, there is no second... What d'ya mean "we," white man?

They've named it Aflac. They're taking it to the Wildlife Center tomorrow, after it opens. (And that's an order, soldier!)

A goose, indeed... Goodnight, Mabel....



  1. Is this something which has happened to you or with yours?

  2. Yes. It was my child who said this insane thing.

    It was also my child who found herself driving a wounded goose up the coast to Ventura to the wildlife waystation.

    That child and her strays...


  3. Funny. I have a friend that ended up with 5 orphaned baby ducks recently! Hmmmm... something in the air?

  4. I hear they are pretty tasty....