Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Toys Make Everything Better

It's a bit fraudulent for me to put this in the Art and Photography category. These are some photos I took with the new DSLR I bought two days ago, as a belated Bastille Day present for myself. (Hey! Back off! If I say it was a Bastille Day present, it was a Bastille Day present, damn you all!)

Because I've been lacking in consensual human subjects, I've been forced to play with playground equipment, foliage, architecture and textures. Still, I've been able to get some really nice photos, with very little experience or knowledge. I have purchased a book called The Digital Photography Book (Volume 1), but haven't had a chance to read it through yet.

I took a lot of photos of plants. Nonconsenual photos of plants. Naked plants. Alright, so it's plant porn. Arty plant porn, but still.... Parental guidance strongly suggested. I'm using the link for the Flickr slideshow. Hopefully, it'll work for everyone.

My little Olympus point-and-click camera has been very, very good to me (all the photos in my Maui and my North Carolina albums were taken with the Olympus). It's a fantastic little camera. The Nikon, though, is in a whole other league. I'm looking forward to learning how to use it. Many, many thanks to M3 at Do They Have Salsa In China for letting me pick her camera brain, and for recommending the Nikon D40. I'll have to get the car fixed up and take that road trip up north in the near future now. Word has it there are two very willing, cooperative little human photographic subjects living up there.

And... uh... Note to Julie and Jim... the camera's coming with me tomorrow.

Fair warning.


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  1. Nice set of pictures there. Over time, I think you'll become more familiar with the camera, and then you can begin to devote more of your thought process to the actual picture that you are making, and less to the camera. Some of those flower shots, came out excellent! Somehow, for reasons I can't quite figure out right now, I believe I enjoyed the shot of the old blue rusting VW the most. Maybe it's just so.. "bygone years" kind of thinking.

    Nice job overall!

    Peace -Gerry

  2. Thanks, Kyle. Yours are pretty spiffy, too, so I take that as a complement.

    I've still high-tailed it into a beginning photography class, though, so I can really learn how to do it properly. AND... I get to learn how to develop film. Very excited about that. Somebody's got to keep the love alive after everyone goes all digital.

    They'll miss film the way they did vinyl when everything went to CD in music. At least that's what I tell myself after buying the tank and the paper and the film. Ahem.