Saturday, October 17, 2009

We Interrupt This Postlessness To Bring You A Post

It's been a while, I realize.  Been concentrating on school, my life and the Chron, mostly.  But the Naked Chicken needs love, I know.

Have a post ready.  Just making some final tweeks, and getting art permissions and then... we're there.

Hang tight.  I've missed you, my doves.




  1. Wait a minute -- your other blog is working? I swear I get an error page every time I go there.
    Going to check now -- yep, just went there and saw " is going to somewhere else. See later." Do you have a new url?

  2. The URL for the Chron is:

    You forget the "the"... in the words of Pooh, "You do know what 'THE' means, don't you?"

    I've rearranged my links to put the Sister Site link toward the top. Just click on it and update your link list. Thanks for checking in.