Monday, January 02, 2006

Why Teenagers Should Never Be Allowed to Leave the House.

Oh, my Jesus gay. Am I supposed to be glad this knucklehead got home safe and sound? I know he's running on Cheetos and testosterone, but does he have any idea how many American military lives he put in jeopardy with this stupid whack-assed stunt? When he hits American soil, his parents will probably hug him and tell him how happy they are to have him back in one piece. Which is what I'd do if he were my son and did something so incredibly brainless.

And then -- though I don't believe much in corporal punishment -- I'd smack the shit right out of him. Twice. Hard.

Dumb ass little pischer....

(Dear Lord -- thank you for giving me a child who doesn't clean her room and doesn't do the dishes, but never once entertained the idea of flying to Bahgdad for Christmas vacation.)



  1. What a freakin idiot!
    Oh god, his poor mother...
    I wonder if she has any other geniuses back at home?

  2. Just remember, M3... someday... sooner than you can imagine... little McTishface is going to be a teenager. And then you and Rod will shake your heads and think, "How could we not have seen this coming?" That's why God makes them toddlers first -- so we're all sucked in by their adorableness.

    (Smart guy, God. If only he could invent a food wrap that prevents freezer burn.... then, my faith would be restored!)