Monday, July 18, 2005

Further to "Rainbow of Disaster"

As a footnote to my previous blog about the ever-changing Hollywood screenplay (and, yes, still shooting as I type this), it might interest you to know that, because the revisions are coming in so fast and furiously, I fell a couple of days behind in replacing the revised pages. I came in this morning to three different colors of revision in my inbox (3rd blue, 3rd pink and 3rd green).

This morning, I actually replaced Page 84 three times.

I could just kill the guy who invented colored paper. I know he's at the bottom of this freakshow somehow.

I have to tell you a good story about movies, today, though. I finally saw a movie that I left the theatre feeling happy about. I'll tell you all about it later.

Meanwhile, I'm going to try to get to the bottom of the "Page 84 Scandal." What is it about Page 84, anyway? Why can't they seem to get it right? Is it them? Or is there just something inherently evil and unholy about Page 84? Perhaps Page 84 is some natural gateway to hell that we're only now beginning to decipher. I will not rest until this mystery is unraveled.

Stay tuned....



  1. Quite interesting to see someone from your generation with such youthful blogs...

  2. Uhhh... thanks.... (I think.)

    I guess there's an upside to being hopelessly immature.

    And, by the way... you're grounded for a week for that remark, missy.



  3. I think that Karl Rove is behind this notorious "Page 84" scandal. It is just another way to deflect attention away from Valerie Plamegate!

  4. Why have you not rewritten it yourself. I've got tons of colored paper over here. I'd be rewriting the hell out of it.