Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Page 84 That Ate Cleveland

When, in the course of copious rewrites a single scene is lengthened during shooting, in order to preserve the integrity of the scene numbers and approximately where they fall (the budgeting, boarding and scheduling of a movie is based on the scene numbers of the shooting script), pages will be designated with a letter after the number. So if Page 18 is rewritten and goes a bit longer than before, and spills over onto the next page, the second page will be referred to as Page 18A.

Today, we got the 3rd yellow pages for the Rainbow Screenplay movie.

The notorious Page 84 now consists of 84 and 84A. It's getting bigger. The army will not be able to stop it. The scientists will be useless in the fight against it. It will unleash its terror on an unsuspecting world.

Hey, wait a minute... do I see... Is it.... breathing?




  1. What exactly is your job with respect to "page 84"? I dunno, but if I were as smart/funny/and wily as you are..I'd have to tweak it. I would have to fix it myself and just hand out the copy. No one will probably notice. You certainly wouldn't get credit..but you might get to see the end in sight. Go ahead. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU.

  2. oooOOOOoooo....

    Now there's a thought....