Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh... That Explains It.

I was reading Daily Variety today, and they ran a special insert section on horror film directors, along with log lines (blurbs) on their current projects. This was the one for Joe Dante (The Howling, Gremlins) on his upcoming project, the working title of which is Homecoming:

"Terror and scandal grip the nation when the media discovers that the living dead have swayed the presidential election."

Election-tampering zombies... Hmph.

Is it my imagination, or is it getting harder and harder to tell fact from fiction these days?



  1. Well since most of his advisors he got from his daddy...they sort of are the "living dead". Dug up special to help jr. out.

  2. OMG - I laughed aloud. Thanks for this post. :D